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The International Gold Masters 2013, Kyoto 5-6 October 2013

  • 水泳
  • 陸上

October 5th (Sat), 6th (Sun), 2013

Athletics Venue:
Nishikyogoku Athletic Stadium, Kyoto
Swimming Venue:
Kyoto Aquarena, Kyoto

The International Gold Masters 2013, Kyoto Results (Athletics, PDF)


October 5th 9:15AM start at Kyoto Aquaarena.
Opening Ceremony will take place with traditional performances such as Japanese Festival and Maiko.

List of Guests:
Aya Terakawa (Olympian/ Swimming Backstroke Athens and London Olympic)
Ken Terauchi (Olympian/ Swimming Diving Atlanta, Sydney, Athens, and Beijing Olympic)
Toru Terasawa (Olympian/ Athletics Marathon Tokyo Olympic)
Hidekichi Miyazaki (The Oldest Participant of the IGM 2013, 103 100m/M100 Masters World Record Holder)