• Entry has closed. We are looking forward seeing all participants in Kyoto.
  • Entry Fee

    (1) Entry Registration: 5,000 JPY
    (2) Sport Fee: 1,500 JPY/ event
    (3) Relay Fee: 8,000 JPY/ team
    (4) Entry fee is non-refundable, even though the Games were canceled by reasons which are beyond its control.

    How to Register

    • (1) Email necessary information to the Games' Athletic Office (j-office@mastersgames.jp)

      Necessary information:

      • 1. First Name/ Last Name
      • 2. Sex
      • 3. Date of birth
      • 4. Age Category
      • 5. Age at 5 October 2013
      • 6. Address
      • 7. Postal code
      • 8. Email address
      • 9. Phone number
      • 10. Membership Card Number/ Country
      • 11. List of events which the participant wants to enter (maximum 4 events, except relays)
    • (2) Pay the total amount of Entry Fee via PayPal attached on the reply email from the Office.
    • (3) Registration must be submitted in writing no later than 20 August 2013, with the obligation to send the necessary information.
    • (4) Event changes and addings are prohibited after the submission of Entry Form, even though the submission is conducted before 20 August.
    • (5) Foreigners' entries need to be compiled in each state.

    Use of Images and Personal Information

    (1) Personal information listed in the Entry Form will be used as necessary information for the Games' management.
    (2) Name, address, and phone number listed in the Entry Form will be used for administrative circular of the Games.
    (3) Participants need to accept that photographs may be taken in any of the activities at the Games, and such images are the property of the organisation and the organisation may publish and otherwise use the image for promotional purposes or for any other purposes without the need to obtain any further consent for participants.

    » Fitness and Requirements(PDF)
    Competitors must read and acknowledge the listed requirements before the Entry.